Developing Your Talent (Pt.1)

If you have read other Artists Biography's you would know that most of the Major Pop Stars and Artist started off in bands or groups in their own local markets, before breaking off and starting their own careers. Lets say you have been playing around with your guitar or piano for a while practicing your music and singing, well enough that you want to either start a band or join an existing one.

How do you find other people to sing and play with?

First, identify exactly what kind of music you want to play and how committed you are about it. You can place an ad in a weekly or monthly entertainment section of the local paper or online magazines, "looking for new or additional members" or "individual/s starting to put a band together". Another way would be through your local Musicians' Union, you may be required to attend meetings or join the union itself. Finding people that share your interest in music is key to you, and like you others have their own interest too! Recording studios and instrument repair shops can also be a vehicle for research.

Having Common Music Goals.

Something we might not give a lot of thought to, but quite important. When Musicians, Vocalists, Bands & Artist are collaborating, having these common goals can keep you together during tough times. Without these goals, division and senseless bickering can easily destroy progress.

One of the most divisive aspects of group decisions in the music world is the question of whose material will be performed. In the world of music the assumption that because Mary wrote the song she should be the one that performs it, might not be the best route. As a Band or a group of writers putting together demos for publishers, Mary might not be the one with the best vocal quality for this particular song. As a group you should be able to criticize each other honestly and without feelings of bitterness or holding back opinions. Don't be insulting or hostile as this will create walls and division, but ultimately there is no way to disguise bad news. Know what you are working towards as a band and have agreements.


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