Developing Your Talent (Pt.2)

Having Agreements: Bands, Musicians, Artist, Producers & Engineers.

If you're serious about music here, there needs to be agreements. It's always a good idea to have some sort of agreement in writing that defines what happens if a member of the group decides to leave or is fired. If you're a band an agreement would specify who owns the equipment, or whether it belongs to a specific individual. Is your group a co op publishing company, owned by all? There might be conflict when one of your engineers, or musicians get fired, you go on to release a hit record and he collects his share of the publishing royalties forever. Bands often share writers credit equally with members of the band and if a member leaves you will again be faced with the same problems.

Bands and musical groups usually come together or of mutual respect and friendships, but spending all that time together can be challenging especially if there are no common goals.

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