Music In Film (Pt.1)

How important is music in film? Heard of the film STAR WARS or Composer John Williams. Star Wars, is an epic space saga created by George Lucas, it has one of the most instrumental examples of how music relates to film. But gone are the days where music had to be scored on a piece of paper, performed and recorded by an orchestra in sync with the film. Film makers today now have a wider array of options when it comes to sourcing music. The main source today are, Records by Artist. Why? Because it's a competitive market out there! and all our music is now digital.

So How do you get your music heard by film makers? Well the first thing you want to do is to ensure you understand the rights to your music. Now that's covered, find the film makers through Associations or Organizations in your Local Market and let them know you exist and mean business. You can also find digital online services like SongTradr that acts as a middle man for U.S. Productions. Remember everything in the world is territorial so finding the right Market & Territory Is your job exclusively.


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