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How do i turn my likes into fans?

One of the most challenging factors for Musicians & Artists today in the local market is getting fans that spend money and come out to shows. We know that not every Social Media Like or the 20,000 plays generated did not equate to money in the bank from fans, and lets be honest we want to make money or else why would we be spending so much. But every so often though we will come across a raving fan or 'True Fans'. Who Exactly is a True Fan? A True Fan can be defined as someone who loves everything you do, buys just about everything you sell just because you sell it, tells everyone about you, even when some of the things aren't that special.

A True Fan will drive for miles in the rain to hear you sing, they will buy the re-mastered version of the live album they already own. They will have you sign the copies, buy the merchandise and can't wait for you to release your next work. They are True Fans.

How Do We Attract True Fans?

By Being Remarkable.

The possibilities are endless. Whatever it is you are doing now, 'Up Your Game' and make it Remarkable.

Imagine you had 100 True Fans in 2017, if you had 5 shows that year at $10.00 your True Fans would generate the minimum of $5,000.00 from shows. Incorporate the merchandise, Hats $15.00, Shirts $20.00, that's a total of $35.00 x 100 True Fans equals $3,500.00, Now You released 2 Albums to CD and 3 Live Albums of Shows, These are sold at $10.00 each. 100 of your True Fans will spend $50.00 in 2017 on Album Sales that's $5,000.00 a total of $13,500 but remember; These are your True Fans and they are not alone.


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